Designing in proprotion for Flex Printing

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Designing in proprotion for Flex Printing

Post by tomperrins » Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:51 am

I want to design a flex banner of (90 Feet X 4 Feet) @ 72dpi. But i cant open a work book of such size in Illustrator. Have 2 issues here.

1) A real one. need a 90 foot banner.

2) One that asume. 72 ppi.*

The good news is that can working in ilustrator.

Here are 2 options to play with.

a) Scale project down ( Try making it at 1/10 try using 150-200ppi

b) Work in panels

Asumming need 72 ppi, which could be not the case. Take a look to this graph. Large Format Photograph Printing

The project is a tricky one becouse you have a height of 4 foot, which leads me to thing that it is a sidewalk or something. That is why can think of individual pannels. Lets say each pannel measures 8x4 foot. Then use that graph to think about the real resolution of the raster elements of each pannel.

If choose to scale it down, the final raster elements will be scaled up again.

Don't need to worry about texts. Leave them on vectors.

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Re: Designing in proprotion for Flex Printing

Post by Andrew998 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 9:01 am

Sorry, we aren't involved in that sort of Flex Banner. We provide a CMS (Joomla) extension that allows the flexible display of banners on web pages.

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