A few changes I made

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A few changes I made

Post by doorknob » Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:48 am

Hi Andrew,
As preparation for the changes that I plan to make, as previously discussed, I reviewed the software and made a few changes for my own benefit. In the spirit of open source, I am posting the changes that I made here for you to pick over and use if you wish. The changes (to v4.0.9) address the following issues:
1 Fixed the bug that triggers this message:
Declaration of FlexbannersModelLocation::prepareTable() should be compatible with that of JModelAdmin::prepareTable() in C:\www\totson\administrator\components\com_flexbanners\models\location.php on line 13
2 Updated the models/forms/flexbanner.xml file to correct an error with a language file string and another with a field not inside a fieldset tag.
3 Revised the flexbanner form to correct a formatting error caused by a float problem (and standardised the presentation of fields).
4 Revised the drop down lists so that the value does not default to the first value in the list and requires the user to positively select a value.
5 Fixed the bug that causes the form to not load previous values when a validation error occurs.
6 Reinstated the 'add banner' button when no categories exist (my preference is to give a positive error message that a category is required rather than leave a user wondering what they have to do to create a banner because the button is missing and in any case, the approach was inconsistent because location is also mandatory but the button was displayed even if no locations had been created).
7 Removed the 'required' indicator for the 'alt' field because the way the software was configured, an empty alt was not possible but is often required.
8 Fixed the 'status' button on the 'links' page.
9 Fixed the 'status' button on the 'sizes' page.

Tested with J3.2.2 but not with J2.5

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Re: A few changes I made

Post by Andrew998 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 10:03 am

Thanks Phil. I'll review and incorporate as appropriate. Definitely appreciated.

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