How to use the One Click Installer

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How to use the One Click Installer

Post by Andrew998 » Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:53 am

Installing Joomla on any of our packages really is easy.

In the eXtend control panel, look down the page for the CGI Scripts section.

Click your choice of Joomla! 1.0 or 1.5.

Choose the directory you want to put Joomla! in. If you want it in the root of your site, leave the Installation Directory box empty.

  • The installation directory must be empty or not exist. When your account is created, a file is put in your root directory called index.html. This is just a holding page but it will stop Joomla! installing in the root directory if you don't delete it first. You can delete the file from the eXtend control panel. Just choose the file manager option.
  • Following creation of your account it takes a while to become stable. The one click installer may not work in the first hour.
Click the Install Now button.

The script will run and, when completed, give you a link to the new installation.

To configure Joomla!, click the link. This will open a new window that will take you through the Joomla! installation process. This process is very simple:
  • Select your language. The default is English so you can probably just click yes.
  • Pre-installation checks. There is nothing to do her, just click next.
  • License. Again there is no action to take, just click next.
  • Database Configuration. The details of the database are pre-populated with the correct entries. Just click next.
  • FTP Configuration. Our hosting is already optimized for Joomla!, you don't need to use the ftp layer so you do not need to make any entries here. Just click next.
  • Site Name. There is important information that you need to enter on this page. Please enter the Site Name you want to use, the email address you want to use for the administrator, the admin password is the password you will use for the admin login with Joomla! If you want to install the sample data click the Install Sample Data button. When you have entered this information, click next.
The configuration is now complete. In order for Joomla! to work you must delete the installation directory. You can do this by clicking the link shown on the page you now have. Once done you can start using Joomla! There are buttons (top right) that will take you to the front and back end of the site.

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