Not properly working after update to FB 4.1.14

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Not properly working after update to FB 4.1.14

Post by GT-Eins » Thu Apr 23, 2020 8:36 am

about 3 weeks ago I updated to FlexBanners 4.1.14.
After this the component started making problems.
first it produced an error on the front page (but just on that) - on all other pages Banners were displayed correctly as assigned before

After an (independent from that) executed Server-update this has disappeared meanwhile. Maybe that was due to an outdated PHP-version (7.03) I used before

But now i got aware that I cannot create any new Banners. Any attemt to do so fails, as the Buttons "Save" or "Save & close" seem to be without effect now. On some occations I get an errorcode which seems to indicate that some related SQL-data base-Fields are corrupted.

1) Anyone else with similar problems ?

2) What could be done as quick fix?

3) Is deletion of the module (I have just 10 Banners) and a new installation a viable Option?

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Re: Not properly working after update to FB 4.1.14

Post by Andrew998 » Thu Apr 23, 2020 5:48 pm

I certainly haven't had any other reports of this and I cannot reproduce the error.

I would start by downloading the latest version and installing it over the existing installation. That will probably be enough to fix it if there is an issue caused by the update.

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