Alternative banner after current banner expires

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Alternative banner after current banner expires

Post by joomlagate » Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:22 am

I would like to submit a new feature request: switch to show Alternative banner after current banner expires.

You know, some times we use FlexBanner to show our own Ads banners not Google Adsense. So, there must be an expire date for each banner. What will be shown on that position after the current banner expire?

My suggestion is: show an alternative replacement banner, like "This ads position is vacant, put your ads here".

In order to show appropriate banner that suits each banner size, I think you need to add this new feature as a new option for each banner, on the Adding/Editing page. In fact, shown as a group of options, for example:

---- Alternative banner after above banner expires -----
Banner type: Image / Custom Code
Then choose Image or enter custom code.
Then choose link.

Everything just like creating a normal banner.

In this way, when the Ads banner expires but the client does not renew his ads, then the Alt banner will show up to call for new clients automatically, the web master does not need to change the banner manually.


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